o tempora! o mores!

by foxtails

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released May 23, 2016

foxtails is:
megan c
jon b
mike l
josh g



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foxtails Connecticut

bunch of fucked up kids from ct

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Track Name: timeline
there's too many blank spaces in the wrong places

Track Name: i'm a sociopath
these bodies can only take so much and
this is a stinging realization
that i've come to accept

sincerity is freeing

and i vow to never let these memories
fail me as i
realize they're
all i have to
keep me going

sincerity is fleeing

and i vow to never let this go
but i have this habit of self sabotage

but no matter what this behaviour eludes me
i've come to accept all the things that confuse me
i've learned to let go i've learned to not know

let me choke in my sleep
Track Name: pelion upon ossa
every chamber of my heart has been wrung dry

why do i keep collapsing on floors that can't take my weight
i just keep tripping on pieces of puzzles that i just can't stomach to put away

i am transcendence and i am a waste
i am paramount and i'm taking up space
i can't retrace steps that i will never take and i
will never know what it's like to forget
Track Name: do you believe i'm real, boy wonder?
dirt and filth run through my
veins and i'd rather be
dead than to speak to you soon

i have kept myself away
and i am the only one who knows

clean up your mess you can't leave me like this

and now i can't stand the
sun in my eyes it's too

i know now that i am nothing but skin
Track Name: de mal en peor
as my
limbs grow tired
i fall into my own ditch
soothing liar
i have just grown too tired

petals bloom and petals rot
i have just grown too tired

if walls could talk i'm sure they'd tell me i'll be fine

i am tired
let my breathing grow faint
Track Name: welcome to hawaii
heads weigh heavy on a conscious conscience
drifting, regressing, receptive and focused
but still hanging off of a precipice

tremors in my veins
pavement melts with rain
everything's the same i'm afraid

humming over rain on asphalt
cold breaks code destroys my bones through tiny fractures
i am just a shadow of the thing i used to be

a name with no face
crowding with no space
to drive me away from here

no one
will miss me
will kill me
what are ghosts but people we have lost?